Maureen Rover

Maureen Rover is the founder and CEO of the Reading Team, Inc., a New York City nonprofit organization that is dedicated to enabling young children who are at high risk of reading failure to become strong and enthusiastic readers, writers, listeners, and speakers. Reading Team programs focus on helping children whose prospects for school success are limited by inadequate support for their early language development, limited English proficiency, and/or attendance at low-performing schools. After receiving an MBA in Finance from Fordham University in 1986, Ms. Rover worked for Financial Technologies International, a leading provider of next generation real-time financial information solutions and for the Waterford Institute, a nonprofit research center that provides educational solutions for young children across the U.S. and internationally. In 1996, she moved to Pearson Education where she was responsible for sales of educational materials for grades K-3 in the New York Metropolitan area. Ms. Rover left Pearson Education in 2000 to start the Reading Team.