Dustin Heuston, PhD

Dustin “Dusty” Heuston, PhD, is the chairman, founder, and CEO of Waterford Institute, a U.S. leader in preschool through second-grade software for reading, math, and science curricula. Through Waterford Institute, Dr. Heuston produced the first education videodisc for McGraw Hill as well as other computerized educational and training products, such as the award-wining Waterford Early Learning program. Dr. Heuston received his Master’s degree from Stanford University and his PhD from New York University. He was a 2011 Utah nominee for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award and he teaches an Honors English class at the Waterford School. Dr. Heuston has dedicated his entire career to education since his role as educator at Brigham Young University and the head of Spence School in New York City. He recently published The Third Source: A Message of Hope for Education, which describes his conceptualization of a new delivery system that provides individualized technology education, with the help of a support team, to the home and school environments.