Wednesday, March 2nd

Opening Speaker
Jeff Herr—Being Principal in My Pajamas—A Journey into the World of Virtual Education and What it Means for the Future of American Education
Slides | Video
Breakout Session 1: Exploring the Impact of Preschool
Antonia Baumeister, Heiner Rindermann, Katharina Tatzl, & Elke Führer—Impact of Pre-K Education on Children’s Intelligence and Behavior Slides | Video
Leslie Gunter, Paul Caldarella, Byran Korth, & K. Richard Young—Social and Emotional Learning in Preschool: An Evaluation of Strong Start Pre-K Slides | Video
Andrew Biemiller—Words Children Need in Primary and Preschool Years Slides | Video
Claire Maltais, Yves Herry, Catherine Mougeot & Lucie Bartosova—Assessment of a Full-day, Four-year-old Kindergarten Program until the End of Elementary Slides | Video
Breakout Session 1: Technology in Diverse Environments
Mikle South, Jessica Palilla, Tiffani Newton, Erin Krauskopf, Erin Johnson, Haya Shamir, & Kim Brown —Rusty, Rosy, and Autism: Disabilities in the Digital Age Slides | Video
Youn Jung Huh & Nara Yun—The Effects of Young Children’s Video Monitoring on Young Children’s Magnetic Force Concepts Slides | Video
Tammy Anderson—Kindles for Kids: The Effects on Reading Behavior Slides | Video
Keynote Speaker
Dr. Grover J. “Russ” Whitehurst—The Future of Curriculum in a Digital Age
Slides | Video

Thursday, March 3rd

Invited Speaker
Dr. John Dexter Fletcher—Technology and the Individualization Imperative or Remembrance of Things Past
Slides | Video
Breakout Session 2: Use of Technology for Early Literacy Instruction
Barbara Culatta, Daniela Frogley, & Brittney Davies—SEEL: Systematic and Engaging Early Literacy Instruction Slides | Video
Eve Townsend—Using a Media-rich Curriculum Supplement to Prepare Low-income Preschoolers for School Success: Practical Lessons from New Research Slides | Video
Brad Wilcox—Motivating Writing in K-2 Classrooms with Online Publishing Slides | Video
Breakout Session 2: Foreign Language Learning
Nataliya Sharkova—The Role of Nonverbal Activities in Foreign Language Classrooms in Preschool Slides | Video
Paul Macaruso & Alyson Rodman—Computer-assisted Instruction Supports Reading Acquisition in English Language Learners Slides | Video
Benjamin Heuston & Harold Miller—Academic Learning Time: The Most Important Educational Concept You’ve Never Heard Of Slides | Video
Invited Speaker
Dr. Warren Buckleitner—The Children’s eBook, Revisited
Slides | Video
Breakout Session 3: Early Literacy Instruction
Deborah Adkins—Is Decoding Sufficient to Predict Reading Ability in Kindergarten through Second-grade Students? Slides | Video
Riitta-Liisa Korkeamäki—How Sixth-graders Assisted the First-graders in Learning Literacy and Producing Text with Computers Slides | Video
Byran Korth & Esther Marshall—Involving Parents in Interactive Early Literacy Instruction Slides | Video
Breakout Session 3: Using Technology to Enhance Intervention and Assessment
Cynthia Grundmann & Uzma Kapadya—Early Intervention is Key: Greater Student Success through the Web Based Teaching Tool! Slides | Video
Erin Phinney Johnson & Haya Shamir—Mathematics Education through Computer-assisted Instruction: An Evaluation of the Waterford Early Math & Science Program Slides | Video
Mia Dubosarsky—The Development of a Computer-based Instrument for Studying Preschool Children’s Views about Science and Scientists Slides | Video
Keynote Speaker
Dr. Dustin “Dusty” Heuston—The Last Fifty and the Next Fifty; Musings on a Chess Game
Slides | Video

Friday, March 4th

Breakout Session 4: Interactive Learning Environments
Jeff Herr & Lynn Black—Utah Virtual Academy: Efficacy of the Virtual Model Slides | Video
Vonda Jump Norman—Using Parents to Support Technology-based Instruction Slides | Video
Breakout Session 4: Research for Use of Technology in the Classroom
Victor van Daal & Jenny Miglis Sandvik—Synthesis of Multimedia Effects on Literacy Achievements in Children at Risk Slides | Video
Kathleen Roskos, Karen Burstein, BK You, & Jeremy Brueck—An eBook Instructional Model in Early Literacy: Findings on Functionality and Usability in Preschool Slides | Video
Michael Cohen, Martha Hadley, Craig Rosen, Gerad O’Shea, & Giancarlo Mariutto —Evaluating the Effects of WordWorld Viewing on Preschool Children’s Acquisition of Pre- Literacy Skills Slides | Video
Breakout Session 5: Improving Classroom Instruction
Talitha Hudgins—Digital Storytelling Slides | Video
Sanja Bonic & Bartholomaeus Wloka—Tangible Mind Mapping and Analytic Thinking Methods Slides | Video
Ngozi Kamau, Susan Troutman, & Carolyn White—Leveraging Technology to Enhance Mathematics Teaching and Learning Slides | Video
Breakout Session 5: Design of Educational Technology Systems for Children
Bette Chambers, Philip Abrami, & Louise Tracey—Using Technology to Prepare Disadvantaged Children for School Slides | Video
Mary Ann Parlin, Brett Shelton, & Jon Scoresby—The Design of GeePerS*Math: A Location-based Game to Teach Math Skills to Deaf/Hard-of-hearing Children Slides | Video
Reneé Seward, Beth O’Brien, Allison Breit-Smith, & Pamela Williamson—See Word Reading: Using Digital Tools to Visualize Phonemic Sounds Slides | Video
Keynote Speaker
Dr. Marilyn Jager Adams—Technology, Literacy, and the Mind
Slides | Video

Photo by Jason Mathis