Topics for the 2012 Early Education and Technology (EETC) conference will be divided into two major tracks: Educational Technology Research and Technological Applications. Focusing on preschool and elementary education, the conference will include subjects such as research and design of educational tools, teaching and learning theories for early education, and educational technology.

The EETC committee welcomes this opportunity for researchers, policy makers, administrators, and educators to discuss cutting-edge research, innovations, approaches, and developments in education for young children.



  • Evaluation of educational programs and their impact on children
  • Evaluation of emerging technologies for children in education
  • Assessment of technology’s influence on children
  • Usability/user studies for technology used with children
  • Computerized assessments for young children
  • Cross-cultural comparisons of instructional programs
  • Evaluation of educational technology internationally


  • Teaching children using technology
  • Cooperative/collaborative learning with children
  • Interactive learning environments for children
  • Computer-mediated communication between teachers and children
  • Improving classroom learning for children
  • Intelligent tutoring systems for children
  • Computer-assisted learning and instruction for children
  • Design of educational technology systems for children


All submissions to EETC are evaluated by the following committee:

Paul Macaruso, PhD. — Community College of Rhode Island, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Carolyn White, M.Ed. — Rice University School Mathematics Project, Associate Director for Elementary and Intermediate Programs

Victor Van Daal, PhD. — Stavanger University, Professor of Special Education

Haya Shamir, PhD. — Waterford Institute, Vice President of Applied Research and Learning

Mia Dubosarsky, PhD. — University of Minnesota

Giancarlo Mariutto — Michael Cohen Group, LLC, Senior Research Associate

Paula Marra — United Nations International School, Teacher (Junior School)