Study Strategies for Biology Class: How to Ace Homework & Tests

Are you a student struggling to in your biology studies? Would you like to improve on how you study this subject? If your answer is yes, then this is the article for you. In this article, we will look at ways in which you can improve how you study for biology lectures. If you wish to know more about this topic, then follow along as we unravel this secret.

Biology is a class that requires different strategies to study, compared to all the other subjects. Here are some tips that will help you out in your quest.

Before class

  • Pre-read the textbook. It is crucial to re-read your text before beginning the class. However, it would help if you also read it systematically to make the most out of it. Tips on how to read your text include:
  • If the topic is vast and you find it hard to read through it all, you can check the chapter's images. The visual effect will help you get a rough idea of what will be taught in class.
  • The teacher is likely not to go through all the contents of that chapter at once. Hence, do not try to memorize everything; you will be stressing yourself out. Instead, let your instructor direct you on the parts to study.
  • List the words that you find challenging in the topic that you are reading. The teacher is likely to explain more about them in class. Having the word pre-written helps you memorize them better. Chances of understanding the lecture are also boosted due to this trick. On top of all that, it also enables you to improve your note-taking capabilities.
  • If you find one picture appearing a lot on the chapter that you are going through. Pay close attention to it, maybe even photocopy it and take it to class with you. Doing so will ensure you have an accurate diagram instead of just sketching one during the class. It is also simpler to label a diagram than having to redraw it.
  • Make use of the online notes. Go through all the notes posted online before the class. They cover a lot of information that is likely to appear in class. You can also summarize them and use them in class.

During class

  • Ensure you are well-prepared for the class. Carry all the essential tools that will be required during the class. Carry the summarized notes; they will ensure you stay on the safe side if you don’t have time to write the dictated noted
  • Do not try to jot down all the words that the instructor uses. You have to learn how to filter out the necessary content. Tips to know what to write:
  1. Write everything your instructor jots on the board
  2. Every point noted as vital by the instructor should be used
  3. Write down referenced pages and books
  • Ask questions if you find an issue to be unclear. Remember that the purpose of a lecture is to help you understand concepts. Hence make use of the lecturer and ask for clarity on any issues that regard the topic of discussion.

After class

What you do after classes also boosts your understanding of the topics discussed. Here are some tips to help you study after class.

  1. Rewrite your notes; this will help you understand each word used and remember it in the long run.
  2. If you were assigned biology assignments, you should make sure you go through them well. You can get biology homework help online if you find a complicated question.
  3. Use provided resources efficiently; such resources include:
  • Lab equipment
  • Computers
  • Study rooms

You can always get biology homework help online if you find a question that is challenging.


Studying for biology classes can be hectic for a lot of people. However, if you apply all the strategies discussed in this article, you will improve your biology understanding. Eventually, you will ace your biology test without a doubt.